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Category: Creative Writing

Any of my school work or writing in my spare time that I feel might interest people.

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Return to Destiny 2

I haven’t played Destiny 2 since just after it first launched. With the old HNG, we cruised through the original content the game had to offer and then stopped playing a few weeks after the first raid was released. It was a fun game and the clan enjoyed our time with it, but it got very repetitive very quickly so […]

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Where Have I Been?

Anyone who has followed this blog for any amount of time, knows that I disappear for large gaps of time, only to return months later. These gaps generally correlate to major life changes on my part, and this time is no exception. So, what has been keeping me building as of late? – I recently moved, not once, but twice. […]

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How Battle Royals Games are Ruining Gaming

By: Jonathan Davis Have you ever jumped out of a plane (or a bus) while playing either PUBG or Fortnite and proceeded to ambush other players while continuously being herded towards the center of the map by an always approaching wall of energy? If you have then you have experienced a Battle Royale game, a genre that has very quickly […]